October 28, 2009 - Cosmetics Victim Still Suffering

A customer of a Washington state beautician on trial for illegally injecting cosmetics is still dealing with quarter-sized brown lumps, her surgeon says.

Plastic surgeon Richard Baxter, testifying Tuesday in the Seattle federal court case against beautician Xin "Faith" He, said his patient still gets lumps around her eyes, with new nodules appearing unexpectedly.

"We have a ways to go yet," Baxter told Judge Marsha Pechman. "Once we're sure that the nodules are gone and are not growing back we're going to look into some other procedures."

Prosecutors say He illegally injected customers with cosmetic medicines obtained from China despite being warned not to do so by the state Department of Health. The Web site said a bench trial is under way in which Pechman will decide whether the defendant possessed or sold counterfeit prescription drugs.

Also testifying was Dr. Julie Voss, who said He injected a woman with a substance reported to be an anti-wrinkle drug but which instead left a hard, red knot on her forehead.

"I was afraid that someone who didn't know what they were doing was injecting something harmful into people," Voss told the judge.

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