October 9, 2009 - Woman Gets $43 Million for Damage During Birth

A jury in New York State awarded $43.5 million in damages Thursday to a young woman for injuries she suffered during her birth in 1984.

Tiffany Busone, now 24, was born in Bellevue Maternity Hospital in Niskayuna, N.Y.

Sources told the Albany Times Union that because of oxygen deprivation for about 15 minutes, she suffers from cerebral palsy and must use a wheelchair.

Busone's mother originally filed the lawsuit against the hospital, soon after her daughter's birth.

Busone suffered permanent brain damage, although she is intelligent and graduated from Arizona State University. The oxygen deprivation caused problems with her motor skills, and her lawyers say she will never be able to support herself or live without assistance.

The award includes $20 million for home health aides, $15 million for future pain and suffering, $6 million for past pain and suffering and the rest for medical expenses.

The hospital, now known as Bellevue Women's Center, was acquired in 2007 by Ellis Medicine, a hospital system based in Schenectady, N.Y.

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