May 8, 2008 - Nevada Clinic Linked to 77 Hepatitis C Cases

An investigation of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada have so far revealed 77 potential hepatitis C infections of the nearly 50,000 people who were exposed to blood borne pathogens at the clinic, Nevada health officials said.

Of the eight acute hepatitis C cases that are associated with the outbreak, 7 are directly connected to the Shadow Lane clinic. The Southern Nevada Health District has ordered approximately 50,000 test panels since the initial patient report on February 27.

"The health district continues to receive a higher number of positive test results than we did before the notification in February, which means people are getting tested and that is a positive outcome," said Dr. Lawrence Sands, chief health officer.

In addition to the hepatitis C test, health officials are recommending that patients also undergo HIV and hepatitis B testing, as well.

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